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windbass.com will host articles, blogs, videos, and tutorials that are relevant to tuba and sousphone players, such as "The Sousaphone as ...

Marc is a DW Artist and uses Denis Wick mouthpieces and mutes exclusively.

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Marc T. Bolin

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my gigs dancin', singin' and hootin' & hollerin'! 



"Queenie Pie"


Paradigm Brass 

...is a new model of brass band, presenting a hybrid of styles designed to create a distinct sound and reach a broader range of listeners ...AND KEEP THEM DANCING!! Dig'm... 


Queenie Pie 

Duke worked on what he called his 'folk opera" from the mid 30's until his death in May of 1974 , but never completed the work. Early in the fall of 2007, I was asked to complete it...

​              ​MARC T.

is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger who destroys all preconceived notions of musical reality....crosses many musical boundaries... an absolutely tooth-rattling lower end...


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